Ralph E. Giesey



Lectures and Research Papers on French History










Finding the Constitutional Past in France, Aragon, and England” (1969)





Paper presented at the Symposium on Renaissance Conceptions of History, May 16-17, 1969, La Jolla, California




Effigies funéraires et puissance souveraine en Europe du XIVe au XVIIIe siècle” (1987)

English version: “Funeral Effigies as Emblems of Sovereignty: Europe, 14th-18th Centuries





Lecture delivered to the Collège de France, June 10, 1987





Lese Majesty and Absolutism” (1986)






Lecture delivered in memory of William Farr Church





Projêt Fox:  Papers on Hereditary Succession in France (1974-1984)


















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