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Reminiscences about Ernst H. Kantorowicz (by R.E.Giesey)












I.   Relationship with Eka

II.  The Berkeley Years (1939-51)

III. The Princeton Years (1951-63)

IV. Ekamania (Posthumously)

V.  Eka’s Values and Beliefs




































































































Bibliography of Eka’s published writings

Bibliography of publications about Eka



























































Unpublished writings by Eka:  













Glosses on Late-Mediaeval State Imagery

Humanities and History

Postal Stamps and the Historian

Fundamental Issue: California Loyalty Oath

Last Will and Testament













































































Unpublished biographical essays:














Jon Vanden Heuvel: The Early Life and Work of Ernst Kantorowicz (1989)



























































Eka to REG

Eka to various others

Letters to or about Eka









































































Photos of Kantorowicz and friends





























































































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