Letters to or about Eka

















Maurice BOWRA








to Felix Frankfurter, November 1963

to Ralph Giesey, October 1963






















and Erwin Panofsky to IAS Regents, 1950

to Michael Cherniavsky and Ralph Giesey, October 1963







University COMMITTEE REPORT to President Sproul, February 1940







Dr. COOK to Beate Salz, October 1963







Monroe DEUTSCH to Kantorowicz, July 1939







Ralph GIESEY to The Times Literary Supplement, December 1959







Felix GILBERT to Kantorowicz, July 1958







Lord HALIFAX to Maurice Bowra, October 1938







Robert LOWIE









to Frederic Paxson, January 1940

to President Sproul, Feruary 1940






Erwin PANOFSKY to William Heckscher, October 1963






Frederic PAXSON








to President Sproul, June 1942

to President Sproul, March 1944






Max RADIN to Monroe Deutsch, August 1939





Beate SALZ to Dr. Cook, September 1963






Percy SCHRAMM recommending Kantorowicz, August 1938






Raymond SONTAG








to President Sproul, March 1942

to Frederic Paxson, March 1944






Richard SOUTHERN to Ralph Giesey, September 1992






Lynn WHITE to Raymond Sontag, June 1944









































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